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Shaw Studios is one of the world's most technologically advanced film and digital production and post production facilities.

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Acoustic Design

Noise Floor Levels

Studios NR7
Control Rooms NR11
Theatre NR12
Stages NR12
(with air conditioning in operation and bandwidth measured to 4 Hz)
Infrasonic Studios

Infrasonic Studios: All studio rooms are insulated from structure borne infrasonic noise as well as studio-to-studio cross talk. Mix room (5.1) with 10Hz infrasonic monitors, 400 Seat Theatre with 10Hz infrasonic monitors, Control rooms for stages 1 & 4 with infrasonic monitors. All other studios are equipped with a combination of near-field and studio grade monitors with a 3dB point on the low end of 22 Hz, or lower.
Neutral Environment

All studios are designed to reproduce sound in a neutral acoustic environment. What you hear is what you get.

Main Monitors Kinoshita/Rey Audio - Japan
Near field Monitors Krats Monitors Custom Designed


FM Acoustics
Van Den Hul